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upgrade your natural gas trading and boost liquidity like never before

liquidity provider

The digital link between physical gas flows and gas trading

The Missing Link for Europe's natural gas market

Route4Gas is a unique digital market place developed to concentrate liquidity in single rounds to help you get matched — and ultimately improve natural gas flows across Europe. Our patented algorithm combines information about credit matrices, physical positions and different types of natural gas products across all European gas markets.
Powerful algorithm
R4G's algorithm is designed to combine and work across different products and markets, and process large amounts of various data. Designed to upgrade your trading.
Missing Link
A unique offer, open only for 5 minutes, makes it possible to complete circles that otherwise would not be matched. With a set price, arbitrage against the market!
Data analysis
Gas flows, storage facilities, LNG terminals and information on tariffs Our analysis tool offers the possibility of scenario building, filtering and compilation of data reports!
With the patented R4G anonymisation technology, big positions can be entered into the system and be matched without influencing the market price at all.

A digital tool that makes a difference

The core of R4G's system is a non-discriminatory algorithm that matches physical and trading positions across all participating clients in an automized and anonymous way.

How it works.

See how you benefit in a few simple steps
Stage 1
Get ready!
  • 1
    Submit credit matrix
    Submit credit matrix
    Provide the system with the necessary data and set the trading framework according to your credit limits in different markets and counterparties.
  • 2
    Input positions
    Input positions
    With our patented encryption technology, you can anonymously upload your long and short positions into the R4G system using day ahead swap enquiries.
Stage 2
Let the system work...
  • 3
    Receive Missing Link offers
    Receive Missing Link offers
    To achieve maximum liquidity, the unique algorithm forces optimisation and searches for complex trading rounds, offering additional transaction opportunities to each trader.
  • 4
    Get results
    Get results
    At the end of each auction round, the R4G tool shows each participant their exclusive results for deal opportunities, with all the corresponding information.
Stage 3
  • 5
    Now you can easily execute the transaction according to R4G recommendations directly with your counterpart. Just download the necessary data and trade bilaterally.
Why us

Liquidity provider through concentrating liquidity

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Be matched, be digital — with R4G, you can become part of the future today! Boost your liquidity and ability to profit while benefiting from anonymously participating in the daily rounds.
Dietrich Hoffmann
RWE Supply & Trading
"In illiquid markets, we are facing the issue that we cannot find swap partners with the opposite trading interest. Here Route4Gas steps in and that's where we see Route4Gas as an outstanding addition to existing trading solutions."

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