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Be matched, be digital, be part of the future

an anonymous system for matching enquiries in the gas market

Liquidity Provider


Greater Efficiency
We make it possible: efficiency gains of more than 20% on the transport capacities, entered in our system!
Unique Solutions
At Route4Gas, we combine multiple trade hubs, multiple products with multiple client positions in multilateral trades.
Need for Speed
Using the most advanced routing technologies, we provide you with a complex, multilateral trade advice in a matter of minutes.
Our unique and patented anonymity solution guarantees that your positions are treated with most confidentiality!
Unlocking the power of modern information technology for more efficient natural gas trading and transport.

Route4Gas, based in Amsterdam, started more than 4 years ago with the idea to optimise gas flows in Europe. Since then a lot of work has been done, many new ideas came up, were discussed, adapted or declined.

Now, Route4Gas is more than just a tool for transport optimisation. Alexey Mileev, founder and CEO of the company, developed with his team a unique software solution that fits the needs of whole European gas markets, the needs of traders and portfolio managers and transportation departments. The system is about anonymity and data solutions, increasing the liquidity of markets and empowering the needed digitalization trend in the energy industry.

After three years of extensive development the company has reached the most important milestone in their history on the 1st September 2020 with the go-live of the system.
Route4Gas is growing rapidly: More than 17 people from seven countries, a truly international team, are united and driven by the idea of delivering a better solution to the gas markets.

Management Board

  • Alexey Mileev
    29. 03. 1957
    Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Founder of Route4Gas
    Joined R4G – November 2016
    Visionary entrepreneur, mentor and inventor with a math degree. Alexey is not just a founder and CEO of the Route4Gas company but the mastermind behind the business — a leader with decades of experience, pushing boundaries and finding solutions to the most significant challenges of our times. He has founded and developed several large projects in the oil refining and petrochemicals industries, including the foundation and expansion activity which have brought these enterprises success at international level. Having served the energy industry for over 25 years, Alexey is today a driving force of significant innovation projects aiming to increase liquidity and eliminate inefficiencies in a rapidly transforming European gas market.
  • Patrick Pafort
    12. 11. 1974
    Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Managing Director of Route4Gas
    Joined R4G – June 2018
    European Energy Market Expert with strong and broad finance and leadership skills gained from a variety of roles in finance management, controlling, process management, M&A, treasury, tax and compliance. Having worked in startup organizations as well as large corporates in the Financial and Oil and Gas sectors, Patrick is ideally placed to link the needs of our customers with the opportunities offered by the Route4Gas system. Apart from being CFO and member of the Board, he is also responsible for Regulatory, Legal and HR matters in Route4Gas. Holds a Masters Degree in Economics from University of Amsterdam, specialized in International Financial Economics.

Supervisory Board

  • Vladimir Petruk
    03. 07. 1965
    Supervisory Board Member
    Joined R4G – March 2017
    Serving the energy industry for over 15 years, Vladimir is a driving force of major innovations. His remarkable governance and management achievements as the Deputy Chairman of the Board of NJSC Naftogaz of Ukraine including foundation and expansion activities, brought NJSC Naftogaz the won in tenders in the international level, and has led international projects to the highest standard. He obtained an Economics degree at Ivano–Frankivsk University of Oil and Gas. More than 50 civil engineering projects and 30 industrial facilities have been completed in the territories of Ukraine, Russia and Turkmenistan since 1993 under the supervision of Vladimir as the Chairman of Interbudmontazh Construction Association.
  • Christine Wilinski
    02. 12. 1984
    Chairman of the Board
    Joined R4G – July 2021
    Christine Wilinski is Managing Director of Vier Gas Transport GmbH, the 100% owner of OGE GmbH, Germany`s leading gas transmission system operator. Born in 1984, she graduated in Business Administration at the University Cologne including studies on the renowned Institute of Energy Economics EWI. More than 12 year’ experience in the energy industry during employment for VGT, WINGAS GmbH, RWE Vertrieb AG and rhenag Energie AG after and during her studies. She held various positions in the gas business covering gas logistics, asset management incl. sale & purchasing commodities, M&A and business development. As regulatory manager she served as Company Representative in EFET and BDEW. Has unique multinational competencies, acquired through the international cooperation in different cultural and business areas.
  • Bart Riemens
    03. 03. 1975
    Supervisory Board Member
    Joined R4G – March 2020
    Starting his career as a mechanical engineer at a natural gas pipeline company in 1998, he was instrumental in supporting the development of the liberalising European gas markets, in particular the Dutch TTF market, which is today the most liquid gas market in the world. At several European utilities (RWE, Axpo) and a global oil & gas producer (BP) he build natural gas portfolios in almost every European country including Ukraine and concluded multiple single natural gas, storage and LNG transaction with notional values up to EUR 250m.

Investor relations

If you are interested in further information, please contact our CFO.
Patrick Pafort
Chief Financial Officer, CFO


  • 2016
    October 2016
    The idea to optimise gas flows comes to Alexey Mileev, R&D starts
  • 2017
    March 2017
    Route4Gas is established in Riga, Latvia
  • 2018
    June 2018
    Route4Gas opens Dutch office in The Hague, The Netherlands
  • 2019
    February 2019
    Route4Gas exhibits at E-world for the first time
  • 2019
    July 2019
    Anonymity solution patent application is filed in The Netherlands
  • 2019
    August 2019
    R4G got the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification
  • 2019
    November 2019
    Pilot phase starts, clients test the system
  • 2019
    December 2019
    Dutch office moved to Amsterdam
  • 2020
    January 2020
    1st Route4Gas Conference in Amsterdam
  • 2020
    January 2020
    RWE becomes the first company to sign a commercial agreement with Route4Gas
  • 2020
    March 2020
    VierGas, a strategic investor in European gas industry, acquires 25% stake in Route4Gas
  • 2020
    September 2020
    Route4Gas runs its first-ever commercial optimisation round, first deals are coming out
  • 2021
    June 2021
    Route4Gas changes its regulatory status and becomes an Organized Market Place!


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In Route4Gas, we believe in diversity: Our team consists of 16 great individuals coming from seven different countries. If you're the kind of person who values pushing boundaries as a team, are passionate about what you do and believe in team spirit, please bring your passion and potential to us.