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12 May 2021

Join us for 60 minutes of discussion about “Natural Gas Storages: Security of Supply and Trading Instrument” which takes place on 19th May, 2021. Over 300 market participants already signed up for the Route4Gas leadership webinar. Be a part of it, too! Register today to get free access to our event.

     Our special guests are:

  • Stephan Kamphues - CEO of Vier Gas Transport GmbH;
  • Alexey Mileev - CEO and Founder of Route4Gas
  • Agneta Kutcelim - Head of commercial team at Ukrtransgaz JSC;
  • Zbynek Pokorny - Head of Sales at RWE gas storage CZ, s.r.o.;
  • Jan Haizmann, Member of the EFET board;
  • Justin Colley - Argus European electricity editor;
  • Jacob Mandel - Deputy Editor, Argus European Natural Gas
  • Georg Giokas - Sales Lead at Route4Gas 

    The following subjects will be presented by our speakers: 
  • European Storage Outlook - Jacob Mandel
  • Ukraine Gas Storages - an asset for all of Europe - Agneta Kutcelim
  • Natural Gas Storages: SoS and Trading Instrument- Zbynek Pokorny
  • Route4Gas and Natural Gas Storages: We link them all! - Georg Giokas