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20 August 2020

ALPIQ joins Route4Gas

With Alpiq AG, Olten, Switzerland, onboard, Route4gas continues to grow its customer base every week. Alexey Mileev, CEO and founder of the company: “We are on track for our go-live 1st September 2020!” The installation of the production software is ongoing; the system tested daily by the team.

But what is it, that makes Route4Gas so unique compared to other trading tools? The answer is easy: Route4Gas is the only tool that combines physical and financial positions and couples different products like storage, existing flow and unused capacity, and at the same time gas markets across all Europe. But that is not all.

Using the Route4Gas system also means you no longer depend on available injection or withdrawal capacities regarding your storage business. You can move up to 100% of the working gas without touching the withdrawal/injection rate. And what is even better: You can link all qualified storage sites to all market areas.