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13 December 2019

Full Success! Feedback from the optimisation rounds is superb

After two weeks of cooperation in the pilot phase TWO, we can state the following successes of the past nine test rounds: With an increasing number of participants in the tests and increased confidence in the use of our system, the average optimisation rate is 17%. If our participants would only use 50% of the temporarily displayed additional trading opportunities (“Missing Link”), the Route4Gas app could increase this optimisation result by up to 25% (average 16.3%).

Due to the strict anonymity in our system, even we as operators only have access to highly aggregated data. Therefore, we cannot show the success on a company level, such as the share of optimisation regarding physical capacities or storage.

An essential number though for measuring success is, of course, the additional profit, and here the average is 0.506 EUR/MWh (benchmark: standard transport costs)!

We are delighted with the progress so far and are looking forward to the participants who will continue to join us. The overall feedback was very positive.