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29 November 2019

One week into the optimisation, with great success!

Last Thursday Route4Gas introduced the optimisation rounds successfully into their Phase TWO of the pilot. Having 14 participants – most of them big names in the European Gas Market – on board, the users train the handling of the app and see the great benefits they get through the system that matches multiple market positions amongst the participants, virtual and physical ones.

From the results so far (four rounds altogether), the team calculated an AVERAGE additional profit of 0.51 Euros per MWh for the participants based on realistic business data. Michael Hagedorn, CCO and Head of Sales and Marketing, was first sceptical about this outcome: “My first thoughts, when I heard that astounding number, was, “seems too high”. We re-calculated again and again, and it turned out that it is true!”

Even though the outcome during the trial phase is purely indicative but gives a good picture of realistic benefits and additional profit, as soon as Route4Gas goes live, the benefits become REAL.

Route4Gas invites its customers to use this chance and find out for themselves about the additional profit. Next week the optimisation rounds are open again from Monday to Thursday.