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02 February 2021

Recording of Route4Gas Leadership Webinar "Monetising Physical Flows"

420 market experts tuned in to the first Route4Gas Leadership Webinar, a complete success!

The viewers got an insight into transportation capacities and how to monetise these. Dietrich Hoffmann, Head of Gas Origination East at RWE Trading and Supply, explained the different approaches of how to monetise location spreads in the markets. Hoffmann: "In illiquid markets, we are facing the issue that we cannot find swap partners with the opposite trading interest. Here Route4Gas steps in and that's where we see Route4Gas as an outstanding addition to existing trading solutions"

The question came up what does Route4Gas bring to a trader what he can't achieve himself? The answer came quite quickly, based on the presentation by Georg Giokas, Lead Sales at Route4Gas: Liquidity! Route4Gas is concentrating liquidity in single rounds at a certain time of a day, so matching possibilities increase exponentially.

Alexey Mileev, CEO and Founder of Route4Gas, ended the Webinar with a thank to all the participants. "I could not be happier to have seen such a huge interest in our product. Let's continue on this path and help you to cut costs and be more efficient!"

We are happy to share with you the recording of this Webinar "Monetising Physical Flows":  Watch on YouTube