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25 March 2020

Remote work: The Route4Gas App can help you!

Since COVID-19 started impacting our lives, many of us are facing new challenges in our everyday working life such as “how to organize work from home”, “how to hold a meeting”. Consequently, for many using remote desktops and applications for working from home has become the new norm; MS Teams, Zoom and Skype for holding meetings. All of them to ease and simplify our remote work, to help us cope with the added complications brought by COVID-19.

Our Route4Gas App can help you, too!

As you know, we developed an application which aims to improve and simplify one’s life and work. We are digital, online, remote, secure, easy to handle; you name it. And we’ve chosen that path from the beginning.

Whether you are a newbie or veteran to the concept of a home office, working from home (WFH) should not prevent you from being productive and efficient. We invite you to enjoy the benefits of using our Route4Gas solution in times. In times when liquidity in the European Gas Markets is reduced due to curtailed trading activity, unused capacity becomes a more pressing issue: that’s where our system comes into its own!

Our Route4Gas App can bring you many benefits in times where remote work and social distancing rule our business environment.

Participate in our big rounds, starting soon!

You just need to:

Download and install the latest Client Application (version 2.7) for use in single or multi-user mode
Connect to R4G Cloud Service and Setup Application Keys
Join the upcoming rounds and see what business benefits your company could get through our App!
The Route4Gas team is happy to assist you at every step, just let us know! We can provide demonstrations and remote assistance via Microsoft Teams or your preferred tool you use for remote communications.

Everyone will continue to benefit from the investment in know-how and infrastructure that are now being made in many places out of necessity. In the future, employees and employers alike can react more flexibly to short-term events and thus minimize the loss of work. Our App can help you to do so!