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13 August 2020

Route4Gas goes-live 1st September 2020

Route4Gas is pleased to announce their go-live 1st September 2020. This marks a significant milestone in the history of the Dutch startup. It follows three years of complex and intensive development and testing. With 16 employees on board, Alexey Mileev, CEO and founder of the company, points out: “Thanks to our fantastic team and our great customers, we achieved this milestone together.”

As for others, Covid-19 has had its impact on the company. Michael Hagedorn, CCO: “Many potential clients reduced their business only to essential tasks. Some were ready to sign the Client Agreement. However, legal activities were reduced and the signing pushed backwards.”

Nevertheless, Route4Gas managed the survive these hard days and is ready now. With ten Client Agreements signed and more in the pipeline the Dutch start-up will start their commercial activities on 1st September 2020.