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09 June 2021

4 year Anniversary of the Strategic Partnership

FortySeven Software Professionals together with Route4Gas are celebrating the anniversary of their technical partnership. Companies started to collaborate 4 years ago, when there appeared an idea to eliminate inefficiencies in the European Gas Market. FortySeven’ technical team has been a reliable partner from the early beginning - and as a result, brought the idea into a ready market solution. 

FortySeven Software Professionals has deep expertise in developing complex software solutions, especially in regulated markets. With a team of more than 300 specialists of QA testers, Business Analysts, Project Managers Technical Writers, Full-Stack-Developers, Front-End-Developers, Back-End-Developers - the company is ready to help entrepreneurs, companies of any sizes, organizations, government institutions to scale their business, save the resources and bring innovations. 

Alexander Malinz
CEO of FortySeven Software Professionals
"Looking back to 4 years ago, I was totally convinced that this idea that was implemented from scratch by our team will become a great solution for people from the Oil and Gas industry. When you are creating something from scratch this project becomes like a child, and this happens with FortySeven’ team. Some of our specialists are working from the early beginning and they’ve become more than just a part of the development team, they know when it’s time to scale the resources, what results will have potential customers of Route4Gas and what they can do to make it better everyday. I’m proud of this project that is handled by FortySeven and can state with confidence that when an entrepreneur has an idea to help people, to create a service that will save billions of euros, he will definitely succeed. I’m personally happy to have this beautiful path together with Route4Gas and wish this incredible team to continue to deliver solution that are helping thousands of people, companies and organizations"
Alexey Mileev
CEO and Founder of Route4Gas
"Looking back to our 4 years of cooperation with the FortySeven team, I state with confidence that they are reliable partners who have proved their professionalism, high expertise in Software Development, and their services can be recommended to other potential customers."

About FortySeven Software Professionals 

FortySeven Software Professionals is a leading European based IT consulting, outstaffing and full-cycle software development company. FortySeven is compliant with ISO 27001, ISO 90001 and transfers the Intellectual Property Rights. The company is headquartered in London, UK, Riga, Latvia, Minsk, Belarus. Also with a corporate presence in the USA, Asia, and the Middle East. FortySeven is providing highly educated IT specialists with various expertise and skills. It has 300 and growing in-house IT specialists, and among tech writers there are QA testers, Front End developers, Back End developers, Business Analysts, Project Managers, etc. Company is providing particular specialists with a current expertise for the client regarding his requirements and needs, or the whole development team for implementation of the project and fast scaling. FortySeven has significant experience working in regulated markets, providing services for Fortune 500 companies, banking and fintech industry (PCI DSS compliance), as well as to the state oil and gas companies (ERP). Various cooperation models are well-adapted to projects of any size and complexity. For more information about FortySeven, please visit a Web page. For commentary, please visit: blog, Facebook page, LinkedIn page, or Twitter.