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27 August 2019

Team Culture and Route4Gas

With fifteen employees working from Germany, Latvia, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Ukraine and Russia, it is crucial for us at Route4Gas to have a positive work culture in place. We don’t often physically sit next to each other, but we see each other daily on screen.

In such a working environment, how do you know you are reaching that goal of a positive company culture? How do you know your employees are happy and satisfied in their workplace?

Culture is created by people, not the objects placed around them. Culture takes time to build. Some signs, hopefully, show you are on the right track. Smiling faces during team calls, business chats that start after you told your colleague about last night, are good indicators that things are going well. When people feel supported and know they can tell their opinion, they’re able to do great things. It’s like having a safety net that allows you to ask questions, have confidence, speak up and take on a challenge.

We believe that a strong team culture is a key ingredient to a successful company. Through regular team meetings, we work for a collaborative spirit between our employees. At the end of a day altogether, we try to get everyone out for a good meal or sightseeing in the city we are staying. Working from home, we make sure everyone has the best possible equipment to make work easy.

What aspects of your company culture do you appreciate and feel others could benefit from? As a young and growing company, we would like to know. Please tell us in your comments below.