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16 July 2020

Vattenfall signs Client Agreement with Route4Gas

Vattenfall Energy Trading GmbH, another major energy company in the European Energy Market, joined the Route4Gas “family” last week.

With eight Client Agreements in place and more significant companies ready to sign, Route4Gas is now on track for their go-live. Alexey Mileev, Founder and CEO of the company said: “We will go-live with our system very soon. The final checks are in process and when completed, we are ready!”

Route4Gas, currently employing 16 people all in Europe, offers the European Gas Market a solution that is designed for gas traders, operational teams and portfolio managers. The core of the system is a non-discriminatory algorithm that matches physical and financial gas positions across all participating clients in an automized and fully anonymous way. The tool couples not only all European marketplaces but also qualified storages, unused capacities and existing flows.

Route4Gas sent out their software for the technical go-live last week. The installation on the client’s side has started already. Once the technical go-live is completed, the doors are open to begin commercial activities.