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16 March 2020

Vier Gas acquires 25% stake in Route4Gas

On 16th March, Vier Gas Participation GmbH acquired a 25% stake in Route4Gas B.V., a Dutch start-up company that has developed a new, innovative software solution for traders in the European Gas Market. Stephan Kamphues, chairman of the VGT Board of Management, and Alexey Mileev, Founder and CEO of Route4Gas, set the framework for an important strategic alliance between the two companies.

Patrick Pafort, CFO and director of Route4Gas, emphasize: “This investment from a major player in the European Market underlines the value and reliability of our product!” The vote of confidence from Vier Gas as an essential market player will help Route4Gas with its commercial launch in Q2 2020.

Route4Gas, currently employing 16 people in Europe, offers the European Gas Market a solution that is designed for gas traders, operational teams and portfolio managers. The core of the system is a non-discriminatory algorithm that matches physical and financial gas positions across all participating clients in an automized and fully anonymous way. It unlocks existing opposite trading interests and calculates matching possibilities only on this basis. Through that, it increases significantly the opportunities to get matched and support liquidity in all markets. Furthermore, the Route4Gas tool couples not only all European marketplaces but also qualified storages, unused capacities and existing flows.

Route4Gas’ patented anonymity solution matches participants while ensuring they don’t see each other’s’ data. The system processes encrypted data (positions and creditworthiness) and discloses the results only to the respective counterparties.

After Go-Live, Area D, additional markets and more complex products like LNG, curve products and unbundled capacities will be added to the tool.