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A lack of liquidity in certain markets and lack of trading opportunities leads to unnecessary bookings. Operations teams need to book physical capacities to close their physical positions, which can lead to inefficiencies in the European gas market.
  • Storage positions
    With R4G, you no longer have to depend on your injection / withdrawal capacities. Move up to 100% of the working gas without touching the withdrawal / injection rate and link all qualified storage sites to every market.
  • Unused Capacity / Existing Flow
    Make money by offering Unused Capacity or Existing Flows to the market. Optimise flows and avoid inefficient bookings.
  • Reserve price
    Determine the reserve price prior to any auction round and indicate whether you wish to accept matches above or below that threshold. Use this convenience function for submitting recurrent enquiries.
  • Digital automatization
    Now you can get one step closer to digitalisation with just a few clicks! No more need for bilateral calls to close positions: By concentrating the liquidity in a single round, R4G helps you close your position.
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