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Being locked into a recurrent shallow liquidity cycle, and focusing on physical positions, portfolio managers cannot efficiently optimise their flows and storage positions.
  • Easy handling
    The R4G digital tool’s user-friendly interface is a result of meticulous work and numerous feedback sessions with our clients.
  • Day ahead / Weekend enquiries
    Efficiently work with day-ahead and weekend enquiries in the form of swaps or take the Missing Link option to either close an existing or enter a new trading position.
  • Storage positions
    With R4G, you no longer have to depend on your injection / withdrawal capacities. Move up to 100% of the working gas without touching the withdrawal / injection rate and link all qualified storage sites to every market.
  • Analytical map
    See all the necessary data on one map — volume flow, natural gas storage facilities, LNG terminals, information on tariffs, reports and possible scenarios.
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