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A temporary lack of market liquidity can leave traders unable to close or start a new position. Moreover, moving around big volumes is difficult as it directly influences the price.
  • Liquidity Booster
    R4G creates more trading opportunities through concentrating liquidity in single rounds, coupling markets and combining trading and physical positions. Moreover, liquidity is boosted through a Missing Link, making it possible to complete more cycle flows that otherwise would be left open.
  • Missing Link
    A unique offer, open only for 5 minutes, makes it possible to complete circles that otherwise would not be matched. With a set price, arbitrage against the market!
  • Day ahead / Weekend enquiries
    Efficiently work with day-ahead and weekend enquiries in the form of swaps or take the Missing Link option to either close an existing or enter a new trading position.
  • Anonymity
    With our patented anonymisation technology that uses RSA keys and AES encryption, big positions can be anonymously entered into the system and a match found, without influencing the market price.
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